Torque Converter 1" (25.4mm)

Complete Torque converter kit 
  • Suits standard 25.4mm (1”) drive shaft
  • 5/8” bore driven pully 6” Diameter
  • Drive Belt: 3/4″ Top Width – Asymmetrical
  • Keyway 6mm
  • Aluminium mounting back plate + Plastic cover
  • Choose one of the sprockets below - Random if not selected
  • 1st sprocket: 10 tooth suitable for 420 chain
  • 2nd sprocket 12 tooth suitable for 35 chain
  • Drive Clutch Engagement: 2200 RPM
  • Application up to 11HP engines GX270

Expect approximately 2.7:1 initial reduction of your gear ratio upon take-off, then the torque converter will progressively move through to a final drive of approximately 0.90:1 (overdriven) at full speed. This allows use of taller gearing on the rear without acceleration issues.

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