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Warranty and Returns

Warranty and Returns

All Vehicles come with manufacturer's warranty. Products are warranted to be free from defects in material and workmanship. Products and components are warranted against failure or defect arising from normal use up to 6 months from the date of purchase. 2 Years warranty on chassis joints and welds. Conditions Apply. Shipping and labour charges are not included in this warranty.


Helmetkarts will replace or repair at their discretion any product found to be defective in materials or workmanship. The warranty does not cover normal wear and tear components, and all warranties are void if the product is used for other than normal activities. Repairs or replacements required where there is evidence that such conditions have contributed to a component failure; will not be covered by the warranty. Warranty does not cover incorrect assembly or failure to meet servicing intervals and procedures. Warranty does not cover excessive strain on engine/frame - engine damage due to misuse and/or frame damage due to misuse (engine failure/chassis damage) 





Wheels, Tyres, Tubes, Chains, Sprockets, Brake pads, Bearings, Seals, Bushings, Valves, Clutches, Air Cleaners, Spark plugs, Pull cords



All Vehicles purchased on this site are backed by 100% Money back guarantee

48hrs Free Cancellation policy - Unused / Packaged

Default restocking fee of 10 - 25% apply thereafter. More details below*

Within 5 day(s) of purchase – If you have USED your vehicle, and are not satisfied with the purchase. A claim needs to be opened to receive a Refund or Exchange.

Any sustained wear/damage upon inspection will be quoted deductible from total refund or exchange value. 15% Restocking fee Non-Refundable 

Within 14 day(s) of purchase – If you have NOT used your vehicle and Changed your mind with the purchase, open a claim and facilitate a return within 14 days.

Unopened and completely in re-selling condition. 10% Restocking fee Non-Refundable 

After 14 day(s) / Up to 30 day(s) - Used or Unused vehicle return. 20% Restocking fee Non-Refundable. Additional fees may apply below 



  • Open a claim immediately. Our support team will guide you through the Return process. This includes Interstate and Local customers. 
  • A return Claim must be opened within the policy requirements to qualify for any Refund or Exchange

  • After 30days - Used vehicle Return - Charges incur $20.00 each day that passes, deducted from your Refund or Exchange

  • After 30days - Sealed vehicle Return - Charges incur $9.00 each day that passes, deducted from your Refund or Exchange

  • After 90day(s) - Uncollected vehicle(s) - 25% Restocking fee Non-Refundable. Further fees may apply for removing, storing, maintaining or insuring the goods. Manner of Disposal depends on the type and value of the goods.




This warranty does not cover damage due to misuse, abuse, incorrect assembly, improper and irregular maintenance, or accident or collision.

Chassis has been strength tested; signs of chassis damage or failure is result of misuse by the user and is not covered by warranty. Please revise proper use of our products 

Motors, except electric components (starter motor)  - Combustion engine(s) vary in warranty duration. Please view here current engine manufacturer warranty policies.

In similar policies to Braaap, Atomik, and Kawasaki, any vehicle purchased from Helmetkarts are not subject for warranty when used for racing or competition purposes.

Although it has been checked during manufacture, prior to packaging, and prior to dispatch, please ensure all bolts and nuts are tightened before use, and all parts are functioning correctly. Your warranty will be voided if your item has not been assembled correctly, prior to use.

Your warranty will be voided, if any non-genuine or non-standard part has been fitted to your vehicle. Please choose only genuine Helmetkarts parts. You can request to purchase parts via email (



If you are seeking to claim warranty, you can request further information by completing the inquiry form on our website. Please complete the inquiry form containing all the details regarding your warranty claim. This will ensure we process your claim efficiently and resolve the issue in a timely manner. 

You will be notified of a claim number after we receive your inquiry. You can quote this claim number for any query regarding your claim and this claim number allows us to process your claim efficiently. You will also receive notification email containing your secure claim number and details.

You will be required to pay for postage of any part/s sent to you. All items will be dispatched 1 Business day after completion of payment.  




  • In some cases, we will require the faulty item or parts sent back to us.You have 4/5 Days to make a claim. Please follow instructions from our customer service representative and do not send back any part or item without this approval. You will be required to provide your approved claim number and a copy of your original invoice upon return of any part or product. All items we receive without a claim number included, will be sent back to you.

  • When we receive your faulty item or part, our mechanics will examine and test the fault and replace or repair any item deemed to be faulty. 

  • You are responsible for all postage costs of returning any faulty item back to us.

  • You are responsible for the postage costs incurred when we send the replacement part back to the buyer.

  • Like most Australian retailers,If the returned item or part has been deemed to be free of fault, you are responsible for any return postage costs and you will be charged for assessment time labour, at our discretion. Item or part may be held, at our discretion, until these fees are paid.




  • Items damaged in transit will not be insured, unless you have chosen to pay the additional $XXX.XXXAUD (Transit Insurance option) at any time before purchase. Every purchase is set to the default transaction process; therefore, you must request for additional delivery insurance. The Helmetkarts Transit Insurance covers any damage that occur in the delivery process to you.

  • If you have paid for Helmetkarts Transit Insurance, and you have received any item damaged in transit or missing components, contact us within 3 days of receiving your item. All claims after 3 days will not be accepted.


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