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New unrestricted engine Disclaimer

New unrestricted engine Disclaimer

A new disclaimer has been added to the Helmetkarts warranty policy. Only affecting buyers that have selected the unrestricted engines. We do not warrant the engine from any possible failures due to the extent of modifications; specifically the removal of the engines main safety component, the governor. We are unable to determine the engines operating conditions nor are we are liable for any engine failure in the circumstance of incorrect use and poor maintenance. The current engine manufacturer; LIFAN also adds having eliminated a vital component can likely cause catastrophic failure if used incorrectly. Hence, manufacturer warranty does NOT cover this modification.

Below is more information about the Pros and Cons if removing the engines safety component - The Governor:

Pros: More power, 5400rpm resulting 10km/h higher top speed

Cons: The engine itself will now require high maintenance and constant adjustments to preserve the quality, you as the buyer are responsible to ensure the engine is regularly serviced for the safety of the user. By removing the governor, there is no possible method for the engine to be regulated. Therefore, if children are operating the go kart, the speed output cannot be limited for entry level use. Keep in mind this is no longer an engine for the general consumer, if you're not mechanically minded we are encouraging you to have a safety governor installed.

The benefits of having a governor is a sustainable option and will still deliver great performance, achieving top speeds of 55km/h. The engine will run optimal without causing any potential damages and ultimately extending the overall lifespan. Ultimately, you are guaranteed 2 years manufacturing warranty.

Nonetheless, once the go kart is in your possession you can simply remove the governor yourself. Helmetkarts Australia does not recommend this modification however the option is available if you choose to agree with the terms and conditions.


Team Helmetkarts 


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