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About us

About us

We are Australia's leading manufacturers and distributors of the first off road go kart. Since 2012, we have been working directly with manufacturers around the world, engineers and metal fabricators to develop customisable vehicles. The kart was intended to be a versatile machine, designed to operate on specific conditions and then easily transformed to operate on another. We are also the home of auto - recreational spare parts. Everything from wheels, frames, engines down to bolts and nuts. Welcome to a platform where you are guaranteed high quality products, expert advice and a sharing hub for you to engage with other project builders. For more information about us, download the official Helmetkarts Australia - Information pack.pdf 

Offer our customers a timeless, safe and customisable vehicle


Inspire minds to innovate, build and create something they will enjoy forever


We had toys growing up but we should have never grown out of them


Exclusively with Helmetkarts Australia, our Go karts are crafted and supplied like pieces of Lego. Everything is interchangeable, which means repairs and upgrades are now at your hands. We launch new frames, wheels, engines, you name it.. We’ll make it!

We believe favorite toys should be timeless. If it brings you joy, keep it close to you. No matter your age, our kart will grow with you. The customisable concept is here to keep you interested and avoid a repeat event of forgotten childhood toys, which could be outgrown, overused, damaged and eventually end up in the bin.



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