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2020 Vehicles - New Release

2020 Vehicles - New Release



The ZX Range. Our new UTV vehicles carry two passengers in upright padded racing seats. Built strong, full caged, with modern Can-Am sports styled fairings. It has an adjustable steering rack, seat rails and retractable seat belts which make it comfortable for all user types. Independent ball joint rear chassis suspension, improving it's capabilities on off road terrains, and a larger luggage rack for utility purposes. 


Mini bikes. These kind of bikes, your father use to ride when he was a kid. When it was powered by a small motor off a lawnmower, a stiff frame with absolutely no suspension. It was every kids dream. So we've kept the non refined, classic version KB200 Lite. and we've also released another, one on the other end of the spectrum - with suspension, better brakes, and a bigger seat. The one fits all - Trailmaster MB200. 




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