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Go karts

Go karts

The original off road go kart. Also known as the drift 2 buggy. This little vehicle was Australia’s favourite and affordable backyard bush basher. A unique, unconventional go kart design. It allowed for a rear mounted engine, an adapted rear swing arm fitted with suspension, and a butterfly shaped steering wheel, with hand lever controls as seen in the late 70’s Honda’s Odyssey - buggy.

 First launched in Australia, 2012. It called for drivers, to opt out of generic four-wheel recreational vehicles and consider this unique concept vehicle. A vehicle with half the weight of a quad bike, lower centre of gravity compared to dune buggies, and off-road capabilities unlike common track go karts. Within a short time, Australian’s spoke highly of this new concept vehicle, attracting users of all ages, and despite the small frame which was catered towards children, it would be clear to say, adults were not shy to purchase a second unit for themselves too.

Essentially, the Go kart was designed to be simple and effective. To showcase a bare bone chassis, highlighting only the necessary components that create a well-balanced vehicle. Our local engineers and overseas manufacturers were resourceful to select only high quality, functional parts into the build. With the saying less is more, engineers strategically eliminated parts that masked the true structural frame, and discontinue the fitment of weak parts that deteriorate over time. This means no electrical components, batteries, harnesses, no fancy plastic guards or fairings, just a solid, heavy duty frame on wheels, powered by a reliable four stroke engine. Indeed, what you see is what you get. Going back to the basics, offering something safe, durable, suitable for kids – big kids, with an enticing price tag, and loads of fun factor.

A winning characteristic that slides under the radar, is that it comes in complete kit form with very little build parts. Like pieces of Lego, bodies of the go kart simply just click or snap into place, which made an easy weekend project for a child and their parent / guardian. The chassis is segmented into 3 main sections (Front/Middle/Rear) along with the wheels of choice completed the build within an hour. Then, loosening a few bolts and nuts completely disassembles the Go kart, which allows users to fit the entire vehicle into a boot of a standard sedan.

Have you ever damaged something valuable beyond repair? 

Did you regret throwing it in the bin?

We all have. Particularly with these types of vehicles, accidental collisions and break downs are inevitable. Regardless of your consistent safe driving, or during that once off weekend occasion when you allowed a reckless neighbour or cousin drive it. You need to feel insured, that if something goes wrong, a quick fix can  keep the fun rolling. An innovative solution that repairs a damaged vehicle without having to take it to a licensed repair shop or mechanic, but repaired in the convenience of your own home, with only a set basic tools. Identifying faults and completing repairs yourself have never been easier. Our go kart frames are inexpensive, straight forward to install and readily available with this kit form vehicle. Offering inexperienced users the confidence to learn more about auto-mechanics in an enjoyable, affordable, and self-explanatory process. 


This Lego-like design feature ranks the go kart into a new class of vehicles, and welcomes an opportunity for interchangeable frames that could ultimately reconfigure the entire structural layout and purpose of the vehicle. A new, unique, completely customisable recreational vehicle that offers users the options to select from a range of build parts, that will work effectively for the desired terrain, tailored exactly fit for them, then effortlessly transformed to suit another, anytime, and anywhere.


For more information about the build process and customisation – Download PDF.



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