300RS SOLO - Buggy

$7,000.00 $6,499.00



Model: 300RS SOLO 

Type: Adults Single seater Off road Dune Buggy 

Full sized Single seater - Premium Model 
23” Front wheel (13x7-10) Aluminium 
22" Rear wheel (22x11-10) Aluminium 
Automatic - Forward / Neutral / Reverse
300cc -17.4 Horsepower power output
Max speed 70km / Max load 400kg 
Water Cooled Radiator / 7L Unleaded fuel capacity
Park brake / Hydraulic disc brakes (Front/Rear) 
Adjustable front and rear suspension 
Padded race seat with 4-point safety harness
Adjustable speed governor to control power output 
Overall dimensions: 2260mm(l) x 1430mm(w) x 1480mm(h)
Carton dimensions: 2300mm(l) x 1000mm(w) x 750mm(h) 
Net weight: 320KG
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